Podcasts have changed the way we spend our commutes, think about the role of radio in modern media, and even what we talk about -- whether that's at the water cooler or at the dinner table. Here are ten of our favorite podcasts, in no particular order. Know of one we missed? Email it to us - we need something new to listen to when we write our next blog post :)

1. Code Switch (NPR): A team of racially diverse journalists explore the intersections of race, ethnicity and culture in the United States, and how they play out in our lives and communities. They have a fun and inquisitive tone, as they investigate society, leaving you with more cultural knowledge and questions than when you started.

2. Stuff… : The “Stuff” suite of podcasts by How Stuff Works offers a range of different topics to satisfy your given mood or learning desire of the day.

...You Should Know: Hosted by two quirky guys, Josh and Chuck, Stuff You Should Know dives deep into various topics ranging from motion sickness to makeup to poop. If you thought you knew everything about Lizzie Borden, for example, you quickly realize you didn’t, as the two uncover facts, give their opinions and throw in anecdotes in a very entertaining way.

...You Missed in History Class: Hosts, Tracy and Holly are lovable, self-declared nerds whose enthusiasm for history shines through in their podcast. Each week they discuss different moments in world history backed by rigorous research. Their fun, bubbly and intriguing  sessions are a far cry from the notoriously boring high school history class.

...They Don’t Want You to Know: If you’re a conspiracy theorist or love peeking behind the curtain, this podcast if for you. Each episode shines a light on eerie topics, separating fact from fiction, and misinformation from disinformation, in an attempt to give the listener a clearer view of reality.

3. The Tim Ferriss Show: You may recognize the name Tim Ferriss from his bestselling book, The 4 Hour Workweek. In this podcast Tim talks to experts across a variety of industries to uncover the best life hacks for personal and professional success. Listen to this podcast if you want to find ways to optimize your life.

4. Bowery Boys: City locals, Grey and Tom explore different parts of New York City, all of which have influenced American history.  Even if you are not from New York City, Bowery Boys is a fascinating listen. They tie historical elements into the present, making each episode relevant to the listener.

5. Planet Money: While economics and finance may seem boring, Planet Money is the opposite. Norms we take for granted or situations that seem confusing, suddenly are intriguing and make sense as the hosts explain money with engaging stories.

6. Radiolab: This podcast is a combination of theater, storytelling and investigative journalism. You never know if you’re going to be laughing or crying or both as the podcast starts. But, as the podcast ends, your curiosity is going to be left satisfied.

7. Vox’s The Weeds: Three endearing nerds, Ezra Klein, Sarah Kliff and Matthew Yglesias, team up to explore the nuances of American politics and policy at the local, state and national level. They take the listener on a journey as ideas grow into laws and then yield unintended consequences.

8. Monster Talk: If you want to keep believing in Bigfoot, don’t listen this podcast.  This podcast takes apart monster legends and tracks the history, natural science, psychology, and sociology of why such legends started and continue to exist.

9. Mysterious Universe: From cutting-edge science to aliens to the paranormal, this podcast takes you on a wild ride with three goofy Australians. They inform you on new scientific discoveries, while pushing your beliefs of what is possible in the physical world.

10. Tiny Spark:  Located right here in Austin, at Impact Hub, Tiny Spark’s Amy Costello reports deeply and constructively on philanthropy, nonprofits, international aid and social good initiatives; she investigates the business of doing good. She leaves listeners feeling empowered and enlightened.