The potential of the flame is in the match. The potential of the tree is in the seed. The potential of your greatest life is in you. 

Join Jessica Sager, Rashanna Moss, Scott James and Brian Schoenbaum as they lead you through a half-day retreat to support/guide you in preparing to unleash your best in the world! Identify your blockages, (re)engage your unique genius, and get grounded in your greatness, so that you can discover the best version of yourself


The day will be full with activities and exercises to support you in: 

  • Identifying the blockages to your ultimate greatness - Create a road map with the necessary steps to have sustainable positive momentum in your day to day. 

  • (Re)engage your unique genius - Gain a deeper understanding of the unique genius (potential) that lives inside of you and how to make sure you are fueling the part of you that the world most desires, the things that only you hold the key to.

  • Get grounded - We will take the time to talk through what it means to live awake in the world and do exploratory exercises on the challenges that we all “make up.” These challenges are in the way of living as the most grounded version of ourselves. By doing so, we take our power and are able to utilize our unique gifts (potential).

You'll leave with clarity and insights on what you bring to the world and new found power on how to move beyond what has stopped you in the past.

There will be coffee, tea, water,  juice, and snacks provided. Looking forward to seeing you on the 29th!