The potential of the flame is in the match.
The potential of the tree is in the seed.
The potential of your greatest life is in you. 


Wake Up To Your Potential: A Workshop

Sunday, December 10
1:30 - 4:30pm

This December, join us a custom-designed Wake Up Workshop to support you in discovering and unleashing the potential of your best self on the world.

In this workshop you will:

  • Ground Yourself in Your Personal Power: We'll explore the challenges that we all “make up" for ourselves and investigate why we keep getting in our own way -- and, how to knock it off. Then, we'll talk through how to utilize our unique gifts, be truly awake in the world, and step firmly into our personal power.

  • (Re-)Engage Your Unique Genius: We'll take a deep dive into the unique genius that lives inside of you and how to fuel that part of you. Often, the thing that you are hiding is the thing that the world most desires -- and the thing only you can offer.

  • Choose a Theme to Focus on for 2018: We'll set a course for how to break through, live our passions, and turn our potential into how we live our lives. 

Coffee, tea, and snacks provided. 

Are you in?


  • Go Home with A Poem: As you begin to put words to your hidden inner potential, our very own Resident Typewriter Poet will capture that spirit in a personalized poem written just for you. You'll take it home so inspiration is always close at hand.
  • Experience a "Musing": Take a journey on this meditation + visualization + reflective thought experience that will guide you toward your inner voice of inspiration, led by one of the founders of Moderna Muse

Meet Your Facilitators


Jessica Sager, Leadership Consultant & Master Facilitator

Senior program manager, coach, trainer, strategist, and nonprofit community organizer with Master of Science Degree in Organizational Leadership and almost 15 years’ experience. Proficiencies include staff management, financial guidance and education, organizational intelligence, problem solving, diversity inclusion, communication, and community engagement. Creative, intelligent, resourceful, and tenacious, ready to embrace new leadership role.


Scott Andrew James, Typewriter Poet

Scott is a working poet from East Austin, Texas. He uses a 1946 Smith-Corona typewriter, high-quality and handmade papers, and as much inspiration as he can get his hands on. He has worked at events, weddings, and festivals all over the United States, including Chris Guillebau’s World Domination Summit and Austin’s SxSW Interactive festival. Find more of his work on Instagram @scottandrewjames.


Rashanna Moss, CEO & Executive Visionary

Rashanna began her career in sports marketing & sales at Nike, and eventually moved on to open three Pure Barre studios in Austin & Houston. Owning her own business in the fitness industry further deepened her commitment to holistic wellness and exposed her to a community of women that was seeking a more meaningful connection to their health in both body and mind. As CEO & Executive Visionary at Moderna Muse, Rashanna utilizes her unyielding power of visualization to bring her inner inspiration to the surface and create meaningful connections in the world around her. She lays the groundwork for a community that inspires women to walk boldly toward their muse in every facet of their life. 


Brian Schoenbaum, Co-founder of Wake Up


Brian Schoenbaum, co-founder of Wake Up


Brian is an Entrepreneur in service using business as a tool to make a positive impact in the world. In 2012, he founded Vuka Collective, an ecosystem of companies aimed at supporting people in living life awake personally and professionally. Vuka Collective includes Impact Hub Austin coworking & business accelerator, Gather event Venues, and Wake Up programs. Over the past 18 years he has been leading and facilitating groups and believes that we each have all we need within us. He has rubbed elbows and studied alongside some of the most revered and humble leaders in the personal and professional development industry along the way.