Creativity is the catalyst for fresh inspiration in our personal and professional lives. When we take time to work on our creativity, we move past the hustle and bustle of the day-to-day and focus on being present and creating amazing work.

In this full day workshop, Melissa and Rob will help us recharge our creative expression through painting, journaling and group activities. To join us, you don’t need to be an artist – all you have to do is show up, pick up a brush and begin. 

What will happen next is kind of magical. Utilizing the proven process of creativity to reveal self-discovery, we will forge a path, move into action and begin creating the life we want to live from a powerful place. 

Melissa D’Antoni is the Founder and Director of the Fire Tree Method, a unique integration of wholistic coaching and raw, authentic self-expression. Co-facilitator Rob Bakhshai develops and teaches leadership and self-advancement courses and curriculum, specializing in a unique, no-nonsense approach that leverages experiential tools including improvisation. Both utilize creative exploration to challenge others to lean into self-discovery and inspiration. 

The Wake Up team will help you build clarity to move forward in an empowered direction, and you will leave with a personalized workbook to capture your insights and learnings from the day. We look forward to sharing this vibrant experience with you. 


Our job is to share encounters that ignite the spirit and enrich the mind. We are honored to share this Wake Up workshop with you.

Included are all painting materials, customized workbooks and pens. We will be serving hot and cold drinks, snacks, as well as an artful and organic locally catered lunch by Meg from Spoon and Co. We will gather at Vuka (411 W Monroe St), just one mile South of downtown Austin, off of South 1st. Parking is plentiful in the old Jovita's lot (1619 S 1st St.)

If we can provide additional information or if you would like to share any ideas or comments, please click "contact" and send us a note. Thank you in advance for sharing your time and availability with us. We look forward to welcoming you to Wake Up.


Melissa D’Antoni

Melissa is the Founder + Director of Fire Tree Studios where she celebrates pure creativity as a channel to nurture deep connection, foster rapid self-awareness, fuel personal evolution and grounded-in-reality expansion.

She has thrived through many of life’s transitions including leaving a successful yet unfulfilling career in Internet and technology marketing to pursue a deeper relationship with creativity and spirituality. In 2007, she founded Fire Tree Studios™ and the Fire Tree Method® in Austin and offers a variety of mentoring and training programs for both individuals and groups. She is deeply inspired and committed to working with people who desire to create and manifest profound change and transformation in their lives and want to do it in a unique way that holds reverence for divine intelligence of the creative process as inner teacher.

Melissa is a graduate of Tulane University with a Master’s in Clinical Psychology (MACP) from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology.  She is a Certified Yoga Teacher and has completed multiple trainings and certifications in expressive arts and therapeutic interventions. She resides in Martha’s Vineyard and Austin. Learn more about Melissa here.


Robert Bakhshai

Robert develops, teaches and facilitates leadership and self-development courses and curriculum, specializing in a unique, no-nonsense approach that leverages experiential tools including improvisation. He has been teaching and facilitating for 10 years that in ways that ignite new insights for individuals and within corporate environments. He is experienced in inspiring breakthroughs within group dynamics, relationships and personal development.

Since 2004 Robert has worked with the Amala Foundation and currently serves as Lead Programs Facilitator where he creates, facilitates and provides follow-up mentorship programs for small groups as well as organizations up to 200 people. Robert’s core programs include Rise Up Youth Leadership Development, Circle Up, Diversity Leadership Conference and the One Village Project, This December, he will travel to Kenya as a teacher and member of the Core Team for the Global Youth Peace Summit.

Robert uses his background and expertise in User Experience Design to be of service to community-focused initiatives. He served as a Council Member of Vuka, a co-working and event space for like-minded, purpose-based people in South Austin. He also helped in the formation of Wake Up. His early career includes experience as a filmmaker, personal trainer, corporate consultant and amateur boxer. He completed studies at Oregon State University in New Media.

Robert works and teaches in his hometown Austin, TX. Learn more about Robert here.