After working with an international network of facilitators and piloting programs for two years, we have distilled the magic of personal and professional transformation down to five key elements -- what we call our 5E methodology. This methodology draws on cutting edge neuroscience, cognitive development research, and behavioral research with timeless wisdom and the intuition of our amazing facilitators. 



Intentional Connection

We don’t just teach the individual -- we bring the room together. You’ll leave every program with a new way of being and some new friends. 


Intellectual Rigor

The mind thrives on challenge. By bringing in facilitators who are at the cutting edge of their fields we make sure that whatever the topic, you’re learning and expanding your mind throughout the program.


Experiential Learning

Humans learn by doing. Every Wake Up program involves a component where you put what you learn into action so it sticks for the long term. 


Structured Reflection

In order to learn, we must reflect on what we’ve done. Every program incorporates a structured time to reflect on the topic at hand before stepping back out into the world to put it into action.. 


Conscious Integration

Creating habits and new behaviors is hard, and that’s why we emphasize techniques for conscious integration of everything in our programs. Being intentional and aligned around what we do and how we do it is a cornerstone of truly living out a transformation.